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Wi-Fi at the Airport

You can stay connected while you are at Tenerife South Airport by logging on to the free and unlimited Wi-Fi service on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. There are also public computer terminals on which you can access the internet.

Aena, the airport operating company, formerly offered free Wi-Fi for fifteen minutes. This was later upgraded to thirty minutes. Realising that internet access is a high priority for their passengers while waiting in the airport, Aena decided to make the free Wi-Fi available for an unlimited time. The service is provided by Eurona Telecoms which previously operated as Kubi Wireless.

The Wi-Fi service is supported by advertising relevant to passengers and comes under a fair usage policy which restricts the download speed to approximately 2Mbps. You will not be able to stream HD movies at that speed, but it is sufficient for normal web browsing, checking emails and social media.

How to Connect to Free Wi-Fi

To get connected, you will need to enable Wi-Fi on your laptop, tablet or smartphone and then follow these steps.

  1. In the Wi-Fi options menu connect to "Airport_Free_Wifi_AENA".
  2. Register for an account. You can register using your email address or through Facebook, Linkedin or Aena Club Cliente.
  3. You have the option to connect via one of the sponsored links by clicking agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  4. Begin your free browsing.

Premium Internet Service

When connecting to the airport Wi-Fi you will be given the option to pay for premium internet which offers faster download speeds without ads.

The cost of the premium service is not based on your data usage but depends on the amount of time paid for so, even while you are not actually connected, your time will still be used up. You will receive the maximum download speed available for the whole period of time purchased.

The costs of the premium service are as follows:

  • 45 minutes: €7.50
  • 60 minutes: €9.00
  • 24 hours: €15.00
  • 3 days: €40.00
  • 1 month: €70.00

For any problems related to the airport Wi-Fi service you should make contact using the following details:

  • Customer assistance telephone: 900 928 053
  • Email:

Customer service will not be able to assist you with technical or configuration problems directly related to your own mobile devices.

Public Computer Terminals

If you choose not to connect to the free Wi-Fi with your mobile device, there are public computer terminals with internet access that will allow you to check mail and social media, etc.

As the computers are public, you might have to wait at busy times and when using them you should show consideration for people waiting.

At Tenerife South Airport, the public computer terminals are located on the ground floor check-in area and at two sites in the departures lounge.

There are also workstations with internet terminals in the VIP lounge which also has exclusive free Wi-Fi.

For issues related to the public computer terminals contact:

  • Central offices telephone: 922 707 053
  • Customer assistance: 690 338 236
  • Email: