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There are lots of things that are required from a passenger while coming to the airport especially if the person is new to the city. Getting missing if the person is driving can be one disadvantage that can be taken care of if a car hire is taken. There are routes that would bring a passenger to the Tenerife airport. And one of the things to do while coming to the airport is to make use of the official map that can be provided at the airport. And if you would be making use of information online, you can easily make your driving to the airport within a short time.

Tenerife airport is 118 km which is about 1 hour 40 mins from the city. Head northeast which is 1.2 km.Turn right which is 1.9 km.Turn left,1.0 km. Turn right which is 44 m. Turn left for more than the six turns and then continue your driving. Keep right at the fork which is 650m. Sharp left onto TF-344 which is 1.0 km.Turn right onto Calle Las Eras,850 m and continue onto Calle de los Alfareros which is 150 m. Slight right to stay on Calle de los Alfareros which is 78 m.Continue onto Calle El Natero which is 79 m. Continue onto Calle El Castillo which is 140 m. Calle El Castillo turns slightly right and becomes Calle Cruz de los Claveles which is 110 m. Turn right onto Calle de la Alhóndiga which is 25 .

Take the 1st left to stay on Calle de la Alhóndiga is36m. Continue onto Calle de la Política 650 m.Continue onto Calle La Cañada110 m. Continue onto Calle de la Política which is 2.0 km. Turn right onto Transversal de los Celajes/TF-5 (signs for San Juan Rambla/Los Realejos). Continue to follow TF-5. And there are more directions that would be pointing towards the Tenerife airport.

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