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Tenerife South Airport Parking

The official car park at Tenerife South Airport is a three to five-minute walk from the terminal building, just past the coach parking area. There are 532 public spaces with twelve set aside for disabled badge holders. Both short and long-term parking are in the same car park. The eastern end of the car park is designated for the car rental companies.

When you drive into the car park you collect a ticket from the machine at the barrier. Keep the ticket with you after you've parked and made your payment before returning to your car. After paying, you have twenty minutes to exit the car park. The payment machines are located in the booth in the car park and accept credit and debit cards as well as all Euro notes and coins. The booth is manned in case of problems.

Parking Rates

The first half hour of parking is free for those dropping off or picking up passengers, which is useful for prolonged goodbyes. If you go over thirty minutes, parking is charged from the first minute.

  • Short-term - This parking is €0.50 for the first minute. From two to thirty minutes is €0.017362 per minute and from minute thirty-one, €0.033243 per minute. The maximum per day is €13.00.

    To make these charged simpler, the rates for common durations are as follows:

    • 30 minutes - free
    • 45 minutes – €0.50
    • 1 hour – €2.00
    • 2 hours – €3.00
    • 3 hours – €4.00
  • Long-term - Long-term parking is much cheaper when booked in advance which can be done on the airport website here or via the form at the top of this page. The first day is €11.00, two days €18.00, three for €24.00 and one week for €75.00. Without a reservation, the costs would be €13.00, €26.00, €39.00 and €96.00 respectively. For regular flyers, members of Aena Club receive additional discounts.

Drop-Off Zone

There is a designated drop-off zone between the coach park and the car park. This lane is patrolled and you are not permitted to stop for more than a couple of minutes. Any vehicle left unattended will be towed away resulting in a hefty fine.

You cannot wait for arriving passengers in the drop-off zone. It is far easier to take advantage of the thirty free minutes in the car park.

Locating the Car Park

The road into the airport is accessed from either direction from the TF-1 motorway. Follow the terminal signs and then the blue "P Público" signs for the car park. There are two entrances to the public car park signed "P1 Entrada 1" and "P1 Entrada 2". If you are returning a hire car, you continue past these gates, following the car and key signs. Should you need to fill up with fuel there is a petrol station beyond the car park.

Off- Airport Parking

Off-site parking is booked online in advance and can be a cheaper alternative for long-term parking. Generally, you will be given directions to the car park and, when you leave your car, you will be transferred to the airport by shuttle bus.

There are additional services available with off-site parking, for an extra cost, such as meet and greet with which you drive to the airport where you'll be met by a driver who will take your car to the parking facility. You will then be met with your car on your return.

You can compare prices of all the offsite companies by filling out the form at the top of this page.